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Academic Staff

Full Time Academic Staff

Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
Prof. Dr. ADNAN AKGÜN Chair Turkish Language and Literature
Prof. Dr. AGHAMIRZA BASHIROV Faculty Member Mathematics AS256 1338
Prof. Dr. BAHAR TANERİ Chair Biological Sciences AS104 3922
Prof. Dr. BENEDEK NAGY Faculty Member Mathematics AS145 3028
Prof. Dr. DERVİŞ SUBAŞI Faculty Member Mathematics AS140 1138
Prof. Dr. ELVAN YILMAZ Faculty Member Chemistry AS229 1086
Prof. Dr. FATİH BAYRAKTAR Chair Psychology AS201 1079
Prof. Dr. HAKAN TAŞ * Faculty Member Turkish Language and Literature
Prof. Dr. HURİYE İCİL Faculty Member Chemistry AS223 1085
Prof. Dr. HÜSEYİN AKTUĞLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS261 2447
Prof. Dr. İLHAN RAMAN Faculty Member Psychology AS212 2282
Prof. Dr. İZZET SAKALLI Chair Physics AS 245 2897
Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALİ ÖZARSLAN Dean Mathematics AS272 1251
Prof. Dr. MEHMET METİN ERGİNEL Faculty Member Psychology AS217 2416
Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA GAZİ Vice Chair Chemistry AS228 1110
Prof. Dr. NAZIM MAHMUDOV Chair Mathematics AS264 1227
Prof. Dr. OMAR MUSTAFA Faculty Member Physics AS243 1378
Prof. Dr. OSMAN YILMAZ Faculty Member Chemistry AS227 2925
Prof. Dr. RASHAD ALIYEV Faculty Member Mathematics AS144 1008
Prof. Dr. RZA BASHIROV Faculty Member Mathematics AS141 1005
Prof. Dr. ŞENEL RAMAN Faculty Member Psychology AS209 1042
Vice Chair
Physics AS239 1067
Prof. Dr. SONUÇ ZORLU OĞURLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS263 1421
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ALİ ÖVGÜN Faculty Member Physics AS 246 1376
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARİF AKKELEŞ Faculty Member Mathematics AS138 1007
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARRAN FERNANDEZ Faculty Member Mathematics AS259 1002
Assoc. Prof. Dr. BÜLENT KIZILDUMAN Chair Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 2015
Assoc. Prof. Dr. SUZAN CİVAL BURANAY Faculty Member Mathematics AS254 2410
Assist. Prof. Dr. ADİL ŞEYTANOĞLU Faculty Member Biological Sciences AS105 2675
Assist. Prof. Dr. AKİLE BERFU ZORBA Faculty Member Psychology AS210 2279
Assist. Prof. Dr. AYŞENUR TALAT ZRİLLİ Faculty Member Psychology AS211 1283
Assist. Prof. Dr. BURAK ALİ ÇİÇEK Vice Chair Biological Sciences AS110 2109
Assist. Prof. Dr. BURCU KAYA KIZILÖZ Faculty Member Psychology AS215 3051
Assist. Prof. Dr. CAN ALTAY SANCAR Chair Translation and Interpretation AS104 1348 / 1312
Assist. Prof. Dr. ÇIĞIR KALFAOĞLU Faculty Member Psychology AS207 1362
Assist. Prof. Dr. DENİZ ATALAR Faculty Member Psychology AS218 2411
Assist. Prof. Dr. DİLEK ÇELİK Faculty Member,
Vice Chair
Psychology AS214 2478
Assist. Prof. Dr. GÖKÇE YILMAZ AKDOĞAN Faculty Member Psychology AS208 2777
Assist. Prof. Dr. GÜLSEREN TOR Faculty Member Turkish Language and Literature AS321 1387
Assist. Prof. Dr. HURİYE GÜRSEL MANGUT Faculty Member Physics AS 241 1061
Assist. Prof. Dr. HÜSEYİN ETİKAN Faculty Member,
Mathematics AS142 2445/1399
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALİ TUT Vice Chair Mathematics AS251 1237
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET BOZER Vice Dean Mathematics AS273 1003
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET OKCAN Faculty Member Physics AS 248 2413
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET UYGUR GARİP Faculty Member Chemistry AS225 1064
Assist. Prof. Dr. MÜGE SAADETOĞLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS143 1030
Assist. Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA KARA Faculty Member Mathematics AS253 2420
Assist. Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA RIZA Faculty Member Physics AS247 1006
Assist. Prof. Dr. NİDAİ ŞEMİ Faculty Member Mathematics AS258 1238
Assist. Prof. Dr. PELİN KARAKUŞ AKALIN Faculty Member Psychology AS216 630213/1324
Assist. Prof. Dr. PEMBE SABANCIGİL ÖZDER Faculty Member Mathematics AS139 2436
Assist. Prof. Dr. ŞERİF TÜRKKAL Instructor Psychology AS220 1368
Assist. Prof. Dr. YÜCEL TANDOĞDU Faculty Member Mathematics AS252 1004
Dr. RIZA TUNCEL Senior Instructor Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences AS112 1337
Sr. Instr. AHMET SANEL GÜNER Instructor Translation and Interpretation AS305 1369
Sr. Instr. MİNE ELMAZ ÇELİKER Senior Instructor Translation and Interpretation AS317 2476
Sr. Instr. NESLİHAN BİNATLI HEKİMOĞLU Senior Instructor Translation and Interpretation AS320 1038
* : Indicated academic staff member delivering the course is employed at another university.

Part Time Academic Staff

Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA HALİLSOY Faculty Member Physics AS242 1314/1254
Assoc. Prof. Dr. GUNASH BASHIROVA Faculty Member Turkish Language and Literature AS315 2409
Dr. AKEEM ADEYEMI OLADIPO Faculty Member Chemistry AS232 2406
Dr. DUYGU UZUN Faculty Member Chemistry AS224 1013
Dr. FATMA RİZANER Faculty Member Mathematics AS118 1032
Dr. İBRAHİM GÜLLÜ Faculty Member Physics AS 235 2136
Dr. KIVANÇ YÜNEY Senior Instructor,
Administrative Staff
Chemistry AS232 2406
Dr. MUSTAFA ERBİLEN Senior Instructor Mathematics AS113 1022
Dr. NEŞET DENİZ TURGAY Faculty Member Mathematics AS325 2412
Dr. NİL GÜRBÜZ Faculty Member Mathematics AS137 1010
Dr. ÖVGÜ ÇIDAR İYİKAL Faculty Member Mathematics AS118 2281
Dr. ŞERİFE BEKAR Faculty Member Mathematics AS119 2194
Dr. SİNEM FATMA GENÇ Faculty Member Mathematics AS146 2345
Dr. TUĞÇE ARKAN Faculty Member Chemistry AS230 2408
Dr. ZAHRA AMIRABI Faculty Member Physics AS 239 1067
Sr. Instr. BEGÜM ÇAKMAK KORYÜREK Senior Instructor Psychology AS219
Sr. Instr. DİLAY KANSOY GAZİLER Senior Instructor Psychology AS213
Sr. Instr. DİLEM ŞAKİR Senior Instructor Biological Sciences AS115
Sr. Instr. FİLİZ BİLEN Senior Instructor Mathematics AS137 1010
Sr. Instr. HASAN ERGÜLER Senior Instructor Psychology AS213 1616
Sr. Instr. HATİCE GÜNEYYELİ Senior Instructor Translation and Interpretation AS302 2498
Sr. Instr. HAVVA ÇOBANOĞULLARI Senior Instructor Biological Sciences
Sr. Instr. HÜLYA ŞENOL Senior Instructor Biological Sciences AS115
Sr. Instr. İPEK OLGAN Senior Instructor Turkish Language and Literature AS319 1530
Sr. Instr. MEHRİBAN ŞEKEROĞLU Senior Instructor Mathematics AS113 1022
Sr. Instr. NAİFE SEVDALI Senior Instructor Psychology AS213 1616
Sr. Instr. ONUR YILMAZ Senior Instructor Psychology AS219 2013
Sr. Instr. ÖZLEM BURAK Senior Instructor Psychology AS216 1324
HASAN DENİZ AKBORA Instructor Biological Sciences AS117 2404
ILKAY ONBASI Senior Instructor Mathematics