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Ongoing Projects 

TÜBİTAK – 1001 The Scientific and Technological Projects

Project CodeProject NameProject Director
/ Partner
Start DateCompletion DateProject Budget (TL)
114Z-461Synthesis of Multi-Hydroxy Functional Magnetic Chitosan Micro/Nano Composite Beads and Their Usage as Bar on Binder MustafaGazi
20142016233.200 TL
110T-201Efficient and Robust dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Conducting Perylene Diimides and PolymersHuriye İcil
20102014276.000 TL
2371; 103T161Soluble Perylene Diimides and Polyimides: Synthesis, Characterization, Photophysical and Electrochemical PropertiesHuriye İcil
2004200750.900.000.000 L
1707; 198T037Symetrical and Unsymmetrical Perylene Diimides Synthesis: Their Applications in Photoinduced Electron Transfer ReactionsHuriye İcil
199820014.000.000.000 L
1056Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of a Luminescent Perylene PolymerHuriye İcil
19941997172.400.000 L
967Chemical to Solar Energy ConversionHuriye İcil
19911994 120.000.000 L

Projects of Ministry of Education and Culture of T.R.N.C. (MEKB B-type projects)

Project CodeProject NameProject DirectorStart DateDuration (Months)Budget (TL)
MEKB-05-02Investigation of Fe(III) Adsorption Capacity and Biodegradation of Molecularly Imprinted Chitosan Gel Beads Elvan Yılmaz1.09.20051212.192
MEKB-06-01Early Diagnosis of Cancer With Biomedical Optics: Optimization of Optical Imaging Sensors With Modeling Based BioPhotonic AnalysisDizem Arifler1.06.20061214.000
MEKB-06-20New Chitosan-based Superabsorbent HydrogelsOsman Yılmaz9.04. 20071214.028
MEKB-07-03Generating a Question Bank for Measuring the Mathematics Performances of Primary School Students by Using Genetic Algorithms.Mehmet Ali Tut19.11.20072410.000
MEKB-07-05Solution of Initial Value Problem by q-Meyer-König-Zeller OperatorsNazım Mahmudov19.11.2007186.714
MEKB-07-15International Conference on Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Their Applications (MADD2000)Agamirza Bashirov15.11.2007105.000
MEKB-08-09Analysis of Permutation Admissility of Multistage Interconnection Networks Implementing Petri  NetsRza Bashirov1.12.20081210.000
MEKB-08-10Examining the Potential of Use of Frying Oil Waste for Producting Biodiesel in TRNCMustafa Gazi1.12.20081819.850
MEKB-08-14Complexity Analysis of General Linear Supplementary Problems and Efficient Computer ApplicationArif Akkeleş1.09.20081213.000
MEKB-09-01New Techniques for Finding Generating FunctionsMehmet Ali Özarslan1.04.2009186.600
MEKB-09-05Applications of Multiplicative CalculusAgamirza Bashirov1.06.20091611.500

State Planning Organisation Projects (Turkey)*


Project CodeProject NameProject PartnersDate of StartDate of CompletionBudget
DPT-YUUPThe Development of Production and Synthetic Technology for Chiral Key Pharmaceutical İngredients (Technology Project)
  • Middle East Technical Univ.
    (General Director: Prof. Ayhan Sıtkı DEMİR)

  • Ankara Univ.
  • Boğaziçi Univ.
  • Atatürk Univ.
  • Selcuk Univ.
  • Karaelmas Univ.
  • Bilkent Univ.
  • Kafkas Univ.
  • Eastern Mediterranean Univ.
    (Director: Prof. Dr. Huriye İCİL)
200420071.6 Milyon TL

* DPT Project: Turkish Ministry of Development funded project.

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