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Upon their admission to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, students are offered modern undergraduate programs which are compatible with the requirements of the current age. Mathematics and Computer Science and Molecular Biology and Genetics programs are delivered in English whereas the medium of instruction in Turkish Language and Literature Program is Turkish. The faculty also offers two identical Psychology undergraduate programs delivered in English and Turkish. Translation and Interpretation undergraduate program not only gives the students the opportunity of developing themselves in Turkish, English and French but also equips them with necessary skills for translation theory and techniques as well as simultaneous conference translation. All undergraduate curricula is prepared and ​reviewed in line with the principles and values specified as part of the Bologna Process determined by the Leuven Declaration in 2009. On completing their undergraduate studies, our students find themselves ready and competent to find jobs in the most sought-after professions according to their knowledge and skills, and can study further to become faculty members in their related fields at universities after completing their graduate studies in the fields they have chosen, or they can be employed as teachers upon completing their pedagogical formation program.​​

Department of Translation and Interpretation


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