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About Faculty


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was one of three faculties when The Institute of Higher Technology became a state university named Eastern Mediterranean University in 1986. While it offered undergraduate courses in Physics, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science in its early years, now in the academic year of 2019-2020 it offers seven undergraduate, seven master and four Ph.D. programs in the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to a total of 1653 students. It has so far graduated more than 4000 alumni.


The vision of our faculty: to strengthen its competency in the field of undergraduate education; to reach new goals in graduate studies and to increase its competency of research; and finally to become one of the outstanding faculties in Eastern Mediterranean University,  and one of the best Arts and Sciences faculties in the region; by drawing upon 30 years of experience with its faculty members, research means, its international quality and an understanding of progressive development; The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which offers courses to both its own students and the students of other faculties,  has adopted the mission of becoming an educational institution which educates environmentally conscious individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills to produce novel ideas and technologies; and conducting researches conforming to international standards, and offering services to the society. It also aims at increasing the number of international students in the undergraduate and graduate programs in conformity with its motto  "For an  International Career" and extending its present collaborations with international universities, institutions, and research centers. Our graduates are continuing their academic and business careers successfully at geographically vast areas extending from the USA to Australia, from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Students entering the Faculty of Arts and Sciences get acquainted with undergraduate programs in step with the necessities of modern times. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences  offers undergraduate courses conducted in English in the bachelor programs of Mathematics and Computer Science as well as Molecular Biology and Genetics; and courses conducted in Turkish in the bachelor program of Turkish Language and Literature.  Besides these, The Department of Psychology offers parallel undergraduate programs conducted in Turkish and English separately. The Department of Translation and Interpreting offers courses for the students to master the foundational knowledge and skills of translation career, to acquire basic skills in  simultaneous and consecutive interpreting as well as  to become language-conscious in Turkish, English and French.

The Molecular Biology and Genetics Department has been accredited for a period of five years in 2015 by AHPGS agent, which is an international institution of accreditation in the fields of health sciences and social sciences; and  the Psychology Program has been accredited until 2021 by the Turkish Psychological Association. All undergraduate syllabi are prepared in line with the principles and values of Bologna Process. After having completed their undergraduate education, our students can get jobs in the most demanded professional posts in  accordance with their knowledge and skills, they can start their academic career  in the related field they choose, go on to study in a graduate program, or become teachers after completing a teacher training course.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a sizeable weight in the research infrastructure of our university. Researchers are offered the means of conducting studies and experiments in the labs of our faculty such as General Chemistry, Mechanic, Electricity and Magnetism, General Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psycho-Biology, Cognitive Behaviour, Computer, Translation and Interpreting, Physico-Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Photovoltaic and Thin Film Metrology. In these labs in addition to graduate researches,  undergraduate students are trained to develop their experimenting and researching skills. Faculty members are conducting TUBITAK 1001 projects. Faculty members, particularly  those of the Departments of Physcis, Chemistry and Mathematics have a remarkable share in contributions in the periodicals indexed in SCI, SSCI and AHCI on behalf of the Eastern Mediterranean University. In our faculty interdisciplinary  studies are given importance in the fields such as Bioinformatics and Computational  Biology in accordance with the demands of our age.