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Papers published in 2018 in journals indexed in AHCI/SSCI/SCI/SCI Expanded

1) O. Gurtug, S.H. Mazharimousavi, M.Halilsoy, (2+1)-dimensional dynamical black holes in Einstein-nonlinear Maxwell theory, MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A,2018,33(4),1850027.

2) K. Duztas, Can test fields destroy the event horizon in the Kerr-Taub-NUT spacetime?, CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY, 2018, 35(4), 045008

 3) S. H. Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy, Note on a thin-shell wormhole in extremal Reissner Nordstrom geometry, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS D,2018,27(3),1850028.

 4) N. Mahmudov,S. Emin, Fractional-order boundary value problems with Katugampola fractional integral conditions, ADVANCES IN DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS,2018,81.

5) S.Husnu, B. Mertan, O. Cicek, Reducing Turkish Cypriot children's prejudice toward Greek Cypriots: Vicarious and extended intergroup contact through storytelling, GROUP PROCESSES & INTERGROUP RELATIONS,2018,21(1),178-192.

6) M. Gazi, A.A.Oladipo, K. A. Azalok, Highly efficient and magnetically separable palm seed-based biochar for the removal of nickel, SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2018 ,53(7).

7) S.H. Mazharimousavi,M. Halilsoy, S.N.H. Amen,  Stability of spherically symmetric timelike thin-shells in general relativity with a variable equation-of-state, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS D,2017,26(14),1750158.

8) R.Duranay,R. Bashirov,A. Seytanoglu, Simulation-based identification of optimal combination of drug candidates for spinal muscular atrophy,2017, Conference: 9th International Conference on Theory and Application of Soft Computing, Computing with Words and Perception (ICSCCW) Location: Budapest, HUNGARY Date: AUG 22-25, 2017 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THEORY AND APPLICATION OF SOFT COMPUTING, COMPUTING WITH WORDS AND PERCEPTION, ICSCCW 2017   Book Series: Procedia Computer Science,2017,120,253-259.

9) S.H. Mazharimousavi,M.Halilsoy, Morse simulation of the global monopole equation in flat spacetime, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOMETRIC METHODS IN MODERN PHYSICS,2017,14(11),1750155.


11)  N. Mahmudov ,M. Awadalla ,K. Abuassba, Nonlinear sequential fractional differential equations with nonlocal boundary conditions,ADVANCES IN DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS  ,2017, 319.

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13)  N.I. Mahmudov,H. Mahmoud, Four-point impulsive multi-orders fractional boundary value problems, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS,2017,22(7),1249-1260.

 14)  J. Durand-Lose,B. Nagy,J. Kari, Special Issue on Machines, Computations and Universality (MCU 2015), FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE, 2017, 155(1-2);V,VII.


 16)  M. Abdalla, B. Nagy, Concepts of Binary Morphological Operations Dilation and Erosion on the Triangular Grid, Conference: 5th International Symposium on Computational Modeling of Objects Represented in Images. Fundamentals, Methods and Applications (CompIMAGE) Location: Niagara Falls, NY Date: SEP 21-23, 2016 COMPUTATIONAL MODELING OF OBJECTS PRESENTED IN IMAGES: FUNDAMENTALS, METHODS, AND APPLICATIONS, COMPIMAGE 2016   Book Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science,2017, 10149, 89-104.



19)  S.H. Mazharimousavi, Z. Amirabi, M. Halilsoy, Thin-shell wormholes in (2+1)-dimensional Einstein-scalar theory, ODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A,2017,  32(10),1750064.

20)  N.I. Mahmudov, S. Unul, On existence of BVP's for impulsive fractional differential equations, ,2017,15.

21)  L. Alzboon, B. Nagy, On the Number of Weighted Shortest Paths in the Square Grid, Conference: 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems (INES) Location: Larnaca, CYPRUSDate: OCT 20-23, 2017 Sponsor(s): IEEE; IEEE Ind Elect Soc; IEEE Hungary Sect; IES & RAS, IEEE Joint Chapter; IEEE Computat Intelligence Chapter; IEEE SMC Chapter 2017 IEEE 21ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING SYSTEMS (INES)   Book Series: IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems,2017,83-90.

22)  S.H. Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy, Classical and quantum analysis of an Einstein-Scalar solution in 2+1 dimensions, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS ,2017,132(4),161.

23)  B. Nagy, S. Valvi, A Shift-free Characterization of NP within Interval-valued Computing, FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE,2017,155(1-2),187-207.

24)  B. Nagy, The Cheapest Way to Obtain Solution by Graph-Search Algorithms,ACTA POLYTECHNICA HUNGARICA,2017,14(6),29-40. 

26)G. Kovacs, B. Nagy, B. Vizvari, Weighted Distances and Digital Disks on the Khalimsky Grid, JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL IMAGING AND VISION  ,2017, 59(1), 2-22.

27) S.Husnu,B.E.Mertan, The Roles of Traditional Gender Myths and Beliefs About Beating on Self-Reported Partner Violence,JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE,2017, 32(24),   3735-3752.

 28) Z. Amirabi, Stability of generic thin shells in conformally flat spacetimes, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C , 2017, 77(7), 493

  29) A. A. Oladipo, M. Gazi, Targeted boron removal from highly-saline and boron-spiked seawater using magnetic nanobeads: Chemometric optimisation and modelling studies, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN, 2017, 121, 329, 338

 30) M. Gazi, A. A. Oladipo, Z. E. Ojoro, High-Performance Nanocatalyst for Adsorptive and Photo-Assisted Fenton-Like Degradation of Phenol: Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COMMUNICATIONS, 2017,  204(7), 729-738

 31) K. Duztas, Coulomb fields as perturbations of type D vacuum space-times, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS, 2017, 132(9), 406

 32) F. Bayraktar, Online Risks and Parental Mediation Strategies Comparison of Turkish Children/Adolescents Who Live In Turkey and Europe, EGITIM VE BILIM-EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2017, 42(190),25-37

Papers published in 2017 in journals indexed in AHCI/SSCI/SCI/SCI Expanded

1          M.A. Özarslan, T. Vedi, Two-dimensional Chlodowsky variant of q-Bernstein-Schurer-Stancu operators, Journal of Computational Analysis & Applications, 2017, 23(3), 446-461.

2          R. Bashirov, M. Mehraei, Identifying targets for gene therapy of β-globin disorders using quantitative modeling approach, Information Sciences, 2017, 397: 37-47.

3          M. A.Ozarslan, C. Kurt, On a double integral equation including a set of two variables polynomials suggested by Laguerre polynomials, Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications, 2017, 29 (7), 1198-1207.

4          N. I. Mahmudov, H. Mahmoud, Four $ point impulsive multi $ orders fractional boundary value problems, Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications, 2017, 22 (7), 1249-1260.

5          S.H. Mazharimousavi, S.D. Forghanı, S.N. Abtahı, Generalized Monge gauge, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, 2017, 14 (4), 1750062.

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10         A. E. Bashirov, Linear Filtering for Wide Band Noise Driven Observation Systems, Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 2016, 36 (3), 1247-1263.

11         S.L. Pulit,  T. Karaderi, C.M. Lindgren, Sexual Dimorphisms in Genetic Loci Linked to Body Fat Distribution, Bioscience Reports, 2017, 37, BSR20160184.

12         A. Övgün,  Inflation and acceleration of the universe by nonlinear magnetic monopole fields, The European Physical Journal C, 2017, 77 (2), 105.

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17         S. H. Hendi, C. Corda, S. H.  Mazharimousavi, D. Momeni, M. Sepehri-Rad, E.N. Saridakis, Classical and Quantum Gravity and Its Applications, Advances in High Energy Physics, 2017, 9736761.


18         Wright, M., Yanagida, T., Aoyama, I., Dedkova, L., Li, Z., Kamble, SV., Bayraktar, F., Sevcikova, A., Soudi, S., Machackova, H.,Lei, L., Shu, C. (2017). Differences in attributions for public and private face-to-face and cyber victimization among adolescents in China, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, India, Japan, and the United States. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 178(1), 1-14.

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