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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics



Vice Chair
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALİ TUT

Administrative Assistant

Department's Mission

Department of Mathematics aims to:

  • bring up qualified and self-confident professionals who possess the skills to make a difference both in the society and their professional lives through conducting research and follo wing the latest trends in their fields,
  • provide theoretical instruction for those who would like to study ma thematics at an advanced level in line with internationally recognized mathematics programs, deliver education considering the skills and interest areas of the students and expand employment opportunities for the graduates,
  • bring up qualified teachers for state and private schools and other educational institutions operating under the Ministry of Education of the Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • equip the students with the skills to apply theoretical knowledge into practice through developing computer software and bring up qualified software designers for the informatics sector,
  • create the opportunity for the students to increase their expertise in specific areas of mathematics through the inclusion of the area electives into the program,
  • bring up qualified mathematicians and computer specialists demanded by different institutions or companies such as the country's or region's industry, the state institute of statistics and the state planning institute. 

Departmental Facilities

Department of Mathematics boasts highly-qualified and experienced faculty members who studied at prominent universities and have published numerous books and articles in their field of expertise. The education offered to students is supported by extensive research facilities such as technical equipment, highly-developed computer laboratories, Internet and rich library resources. Our department has adopted a system enabling effective student-academic staff communication. Students are provided with a comfortable environment whenever they wish to discuss their problems with academic staff. Additionally, students of the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department may complete a minor program by taking three compulsory and three elective courses from the Economics and Finance Departments. Upon their successful completion of the aforementioned courses, students receive a Minor Program Certificate in the fields of Managerial Economics and Financial Management. 


Department of Mathematics offers 2 undergraduate programs in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and Mathematics and a total of 5 postgraduate programs in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and Mathematics and Information Systems.

D istinguishing Attributes

In line with the department's fundamental aims of providing theoretical instruction for those who would like to study mathematics at an advanced level through internationally recognized mathematics programs, delivering education considering the skills and interest areas of the students and expanding employment opportunities for the graduates, the curricula offered by the department demonstrates great similarity with other leading state universities' course content in Turkey such as Ankara, Hacettepe, İstanbul and Gazi universities. Along with this, the department also offers an array of area elective courses, all contributing to the expertise level of the students in different areas. Being one of the few mathematics departments in Turkey with a faculty member at each branch of mathematics, our department is one of the leading institutions within the region. The department offers postgraduate and doctoral degree studies and facilitates research in each and every branch of mathematics.

Major Accomplishments

Since its establishment, our department has graduated 40 PhD, more than 120 Master's, and over 500 undergraduate students. Within the last five years, faculty members at EMU Mathematics Department have successfully published more than 100 articles in journals indexed by Science Citation Index (SCI) and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E). According to Turkish Mathematics Association's ( data obtained from Thomson Reuters' Web of Knowledge website on articles in the field of mathematics published within the framework of SCI-Expanded 1980-2013, EMU Mathematics Department has been ranked 10th in Applied Mathematics area, 13th in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics area and 28th in Theoretical Mathematics area  within Turkey. Additionally, our department has successfully undertaken the organization of the annual "Onay Fadıl Demirciler Mathematics Competition amongst High Schools" for 20 years.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the department may pursue employment opportunities as mathematics or IT teachers, or academicians. Banking, Finance and Economics sectors as well as government planning organization, stock market, airline companies, software companies and centers for informatics are further employment opportunities for our graduates.

Contact Inf orma tion

Eastern Mediterranean University
Faculty of Arts & Sciences 
Department of Mathematics 
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

 Tel: +90 392 630 1227
Fax: +90 392 365 1314

Academic Staff

Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
Prof. Dr. AGHAMIRZA BASHIROV Faculty Member Mathematics AS256 1338
Prof. Dr. BENEDEK NAGY Faculty Member Mathematics AS145 3028
Prof. Dr. DERVİŞ SUBAŞI Faculty Member Mathematics AS140 1138
Prof. Dr. HÜSEYİN AKTUĞLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS261 2447
Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALİ ÖZARSLAN Dean Mathematics AS272 1251
Prof. Dr. NAZIM MAHMUDOV Chair Mathematics AS264 1227
Prof. Dr. RASHAD ALIYEV Faculty Member Mathematics AS144 1008
Prof. Dr. RZA BASHIROV Faculty Member Mathematics AS141 1005
Prof. Dr. SONUÇ ZORLU OĞURLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS263 1421
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARİF AKKELEŞ Faculty Member Mathematics AS138 1007
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARRAN FERNANDEZ Faculty Member Mathematics AS259 1002
Assoc. Prof. Dr. SUZAN CİVAL BURANAY Faculty Member Mathematics AS254 2410
Assist. Prof. Dr. HÜSEYİN ETİKAN Faculty Member,
Mathematics AS142 2445/1399
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALİ TUT Vice Chair Mathematics AS251 1237
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET BOZER Vice Dean Mathematics AS273 1003
Assist. Prof. Dr. MÜGE SAADETOĞLU Faculty Member Mathematics AS143 1030
Assist. Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA KARA Faculty Member Mathematics AS253 2420
Assist. Prof. Dr. NİDAİ ŞEMİ Faculty Member Mathematics AS258 1238
Assist. Prof. Dr. PEMBE SABANCIGİL ÖZDER Faculty Member Mathematics AS139 2436
Assist. Prof. Dr. YÜCEL TANDOĞDU Faculty Member Mathematics AS252 1004

Part-time Academic Staff

Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
Dr. FATMA RİZANER Faculty Member Mathematics AS118 1032
Dr. MUSTAFA ERBİLEN Senior Instructor Mathematics AS113 1022
Dr. NEŞET DENİZ TURGAY Faculty Member Mathematics AS325 2412
Dr. NİL GÜRBÜZ Faculty Member Mathematics AS137 1010
Dr. ÖVGÜ ÇIDAR İYİKAL Faculty Member Mathematics AS118 2281
Dr. ŞERİFE BEKAR Faculty Member Mathematics AS119 2194
Dr. SİNEM FATMA GENÇ Faculty Member Mathematics AS146 2345
Sr. Instr. FİLİZ BİLEN Senior Instructor Mathematics AS137 1010
Sr. Instr. MEHRİBAN ŞEKEROĞLU Senior Instructor Mathematics AS113 1022
ILKAY ONBASI Senior Instructor Mathematics

​R​esearch Assistants

Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
ERTAN AKACAN Mathematics
MERVE ÇIL Mathematics
SANER FİDAN Mathematics
SONIA ARSHAD Mathematics