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Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences Faculty is one of the three faculties established in 1986, when the Institute of Higher Technology was transformed into a state university under the name of Eastern Mediterranean University. While the faculty offered education only in physics, chemistry, applied mathematics and computer fields during its first years, the number of students receiving instruction at seven undergraduate, seven master’s and four Ph.D. programs offered by Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences departments have reached 1653 during the 2019-2020 academic year. The faculty has produced 3698 graduates since its establishment. Continue Reading...



We provide the following laboratories for our students:  Three Chemistry, three Computer, two Molecular Biology, two Psychology and one Translation. In addition to the well-equipped Eastern Mediterranean University Library, with modern facilities and up-to-date resources, our students can benefit from departmental libraries. Wireless internet connection is available throughout the faculty.