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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was one of three faculties initially established following a decision to transform the Higher Technological Institute, which was founded in 1979, into the Eastern Mediterranean University, making it the one and only state university in The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus in 1986.  In its early years, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences which embarked upon its mission offering undergraduate programs in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Computer.  Today our faculty offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Turkish Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation, Psychology and Molecular Biology and Genetics.  In addition to its own programs, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences contributes to a modern quality education by offering university wide service courses to more than 12,000 students.  Our graduates have accomplished careers around the world including the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia where they continue to contribute to business and academia successfully.

The mission of the Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences is twofold.  Primarily, through a student centered teaching approach employing state of the art laboratory environments and curricula, constantly updated to keep in line with contemporary requirements, our faculty strives to create leaders in their fields whose philosophy of life is based on lifelong learning and creativity and who possess analytical thinking, social awareness and high ethical values.  Last but not least, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences aims to conduct research of high impact value within the international academic community.

The vision of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to advance the disciplines within its body to a more competitive and respected level, contribute to ongoing developments in relevant fields, and amend its curricula according to scientific developments within the international arena in order to graduate students who are capable not only of following innovations in their fields, but also capable of contributing to them.   

As we continue to pursue the path of knowledge in accordance with our mission and vision we, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, students and academic staff alike, continue to acquire not only  newer knowledge, but also to produce along the way.



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