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EMU to Offer Early Registration Discount

EMU to Offer Early Registration Discount
Published Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2024

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) decided to offer a new tuition fee discount for all students who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and will be enrolling in EMU programs. According to the said decision; new and current students of EMU who are citizens of TRNC and who are to complete their registrations to the university at the latest of Monday, 8 July, 2024 by making a cash payment will be offered a %10 discount over their total tuition fee payments.


Always putting its best efforts to support its students with various scholarship and discount policies, EMU aims to contribute to its students’ educational lives and alleviate the financial burdens they face during their education by reducing their tuition costs with this discount decision.


Registration Conditions for EMU Programs

In order for TRNC citizen students to enrol in EMU programs, they should submit their applications either in person to the Registrar’s Office or online via web address, along with 4 copies of passport size photographs, original diploma and 6 copies, a copy of ID card and the payment slip of the tuition fee. More information regarding the registrations can be obtained from 0392 630 11 11

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