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With our faculty members, research oppurtunities, and our international quality and understanding of continous education, we are one of the top faculties of Eastern Mediterranean University and one of the best Arts and Sciences faculties in the region. Our main asset is our teaching members, who think universally, are open to innovation, and always develop themselves; and the students they teach. The students who enter the Faculty of Arts and Sciences find programs in step with the times. These programs enable them to gain both theoretical background and skills practiced in the fully-equipped labs. On completing their undergraduate studies, our students find themselves ready and competent to find jobs in the most sought-after professions according to their knowledge and skills, and can study further to become faculty members in their related fields at universities after completing their graduate studies in the fields they have chosen, or they can be employed as teachers upon completing their teacher training certificate program. All would-be students are invited to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where you can get high quality education in a broad range of subjects from Literature to Maths, from Computer Sciences to Molecular Biology and Genetics, from Psychology to Translation-Interpretation.

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