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Published Date: Monday, 19 July 2021


Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Statistics and Computer Sciences Program to be operated within the body of the Arts and Sciences Faculty, Mathematics Department will commence its academic life in 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester. The program, which is prepared to accept new students through the EMU Entrance and Scholarship System (accepting applications until 15 June 2021) is an English-medium program and covers a 4-year training period.

The Statistics and Computer Sciences Program to be offered by EMU will be administered for the first-time in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with the approval of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The program will offer training with participation of expert academic staff members of Mathematics Department.

The Statistics and Computer Sciences program will set ground for students in both field of Statistics and Computer Sciences and, train graduates who have the ability to conduct advanced data analysis by bringing the two fields together. Students will receive training in topics such as statistical analysis, probability, mathematics and computer sciences. The graduates will play an important role in the formation of future projections and strategic decisions by analyzing the data in detail as a result of the learning outcomes they will gain from the program in any field of the business world.


Job Opportunities for Graduates of Statistics and Computer Sciences Program

EMU Arts and Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan provided information on the latest program to be offered within the faculty and stated that the graduates of the Statistics and Computer Sciences Program are to easily find job opportunities in institutions such as governmental institutions, computer software companies, private research companies and especially in finance-related organizations and banks. Mentioning that graduates' opportunity of being able to work in marketing, advertising, tourism, hospital management, human-related research and development sectors, Prof. Dr. Özarslan added another job opportunity which is working as a teacher if the graduates receive additional pedagogical formation training.  


EMU is ready with Its Expert Team of Academics and Opportunities

Emphasizing that the program is to offer training with a team of experts in the field, Mathematics Department Head Prof. Dr. Nazım Mahmudov stated that the Statistics and Computer Sciences Program is planned to be operated by an academic staff consisting of 9 Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors. Prof. Dr. Mahmudov continued his words by saying that 3 computers labs and a research lab, main library and department library are to be actively used during the training duration of the program.