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Books from Prof.Dr Agamriza Bashirov

Books from Prof.Dr Agamriza Bashirov

Prof. Dr. Agamirza Bashirov

About the author: Graduated from Baku State University in 1976 with major mathematics. Received PhD degree from Institute of Mathematics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kiev) in 1981 and Habilitation degree from Kiev State University in 1991. Since 1992 he is a faculty member of EMU Department of Mathematics. In the period between 2006 and 2012 he was a chair of the department. He has a significant contribution to the development of the undergraduate and graduate MS and PhD programs of the department. Supervised 9 completed PhD theses. He is an author of two books.

1.       The first book "Partially Observable Linear Systems Under Dependent Noises" published by Birkhauser in 2003 is a monograph describing the author's research up to 2003 in the area of Stochastic Systems and Control. Presently, the author is far ahead from these results and, therefore, planning a new monograph.

2.       The second book "Mathematıcal Analysis Fundamentals" published by Elsevier in 2014 is a textbook written on the basis of the author's experience of teaching mathematical analysis in EMU. Presently, the author is working on the second and extended edition of this book.



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Published Date
April 20, 2017