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Turkish Cypriot Literature and The Pioneer Women Poets

Turkish Cypriot Literature and The Pioneer Women Poets

Harid Fedai, part-time academic staff of the department of Turkish Language and Literature in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Eastern Mediterranean University, attended the symposium entitled "International Literary Festival" organized by Cyprus-Balkans-Eurasia Turkish Literature Institute (KIBATEK)  between December 1-4, 2016 in İzmir, with the paper titled "Turkish Cypriot Literature and The Pioneer Women Poets". In this study, Fedai stated that adoption of the Atatürk's principles by young Turkish Cypriots in the late 1930s led them to organize several events in which women also took part. Fedai highlighted that the Atatürk's principles encouraged womens' attendance of literary events in such a period where there was a belief that dealing with literature and writing poems were not womens' thing. Fedai also stated that poems of women poets has begun to appear in the literary journals after 1942, when there was an advanced in the press. Fedai introduced Pembe Marmara, Emine Otan (Engin Gönül), Neclâ Salih Subhi, Urkiye Mine Balman within their poems all of whom considered as the mothers of Turkish Cypriot women poets who flourished in the land of Cyprus in the Republican Era. This study is important in terms of Turkish Cypriots women poets' overseas appearance who were heartened by the Republican Era. 

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Published Date
January 18, 2017