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Psychology Department Activity

Psychology Department Activity

Dr. Gülcan Garip from the University of Derby presented a seminar on 22nd of December named "MAKING HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY WORK FOR YOU: BEHAVIOUR CHANGE INTERVENTIONS" to the department of psychology. Dr. Garip explained what health psychology is and the areas in which health psychology operates. Health psychology is a study of behavioral and psychological processes in healthcare, health and illness. This field is particularly interested in how behavioral, cultural and psychological elements can contribute to physical health and illness.

            Dr Garip emphasized that health psychologists embrace the biopsychosocial approach which suggests that the overall health of an individual is affected by three factors, including biological (virus, tumor, etc.), psychological (stress, belief, etc.) and social dynamics (ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.). Given these factors, health psychologists can work in many different areas (hospitals, clinics, univeristy settings) in order to improve an individuals health. Health psychologists either work directly with individuals that need help and/or work with health professionals to give better care for people in need. Other fields such as, clinical health psychology, critical health psychology, public health psychology and community health psychology all fall under the division of health psychology.

            Lastly, Dr. Garip overviewed a number of prevention and intervention programs. Examples include substance abuse (e.g., smoking cessation), weight loss (e.g., weight management apps) and stress management (e.g., mindfulness training) programs. Health psychology develops, operates and promotes programs to educate the public to live a healthy life both physically and mentally.

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Published Date
January 5, 2017