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EMU Translation and Interpreting Department’s 9th Silver Screen Days

EMU Translation and Interpreting Department’s 9th Silver Screen Days



Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Translation and Interpreting has marked its 9th annual Silver Screen Days last week. The event took place between 20 and 22 December, 2016. Before the screening of each film presentations about the know-how of Audiovisual Translation process of the films were featured by senior students of EMU Translation & Interpreting Department.

The subtitles of the films were translated into Turkish by senior students Sibel Yurtsuz, Leyla Kilis, C. İlkim Özcanel, Kemale Adılova, Direnç Kuyucu, Elshad Muradxan, Afgan Balashlı, Kamil G. Çağlar, Hüseyin Takar, Sermin Denizli, Erdem Arslan, Tuygan Uygur, Meliz Yücedal, Mina Huseynli and Nezaket Şadırvan under the supervision of Neslihan Binatlı Hekimoğlu.

 Academic staff member, Audiovisual Translation specialist Neslihan Binatlı Hekimoğlu said :"I'm proud of my students who worked as a committed team for this project. Once more our event has proved that our practice- focused program continues to train highly qualified translators and interpreters." Hekimoğlu also stated: "Today, audiovisual translation has become an indispensable component of the international media sector from news to films, and as the fastest- growing members of this sector, the digital games industry and online media distribution companies like Netflix are the world's largest sectors in need of audiovisual translation. And, just like other fields of translation, this field also requires qualified translators equipped with the know-how of translation techniques, current technologies necessary for the profession and intercultural communication skills."

 Events like this are valuable opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience needed for professional work. Once again, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Translation and Interpreting program has proved to be one of the leading programs of the field.



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January 5, 2017